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Step-by-step guide to pay via EFT


To pay for your reservation via EFT using our secure online payment gateway (Exchange4Free), please click the ‘Pay Now’ button below:


Fill in the relevant fields.


Country Paying From: This is the country in which your bank account is held.
Payer Type: Select ‘Individual’ if you are paying from a personal account, or ‘Entity’ if paying from a company account.
First Name:
Last Name:
Passport/ID Number:
Payment Method: EFT
Invoice Currency: Select the currency on the invoice (USD).
Invoice Amount: This is the EXACT amount that you have been quoted on your invoice!


Payment Reference Type: Leave this on ‘Booking Reference’.
Payment Reference: Please use your invoice number.
Your Email Address:
Your Country of Residence:
Your Mobile Number:
Your City:
Your Address:
Your Postal Code:

Click on “GET QUOTE”

You will then be furnished with the exact amount you will need to pay in your local currency into a local bank account.

REMEMBER: Exchange4Free has no authority to deduct the funds from your account, so you will need to make a payment into their account.

Once you have set up your payment, you will be given a unique reference number and a local currency bank account.
This account is where you must pay the amount owing, which will have been converted to your local currency, as quoted by Exchange4Free.
Please make payment from your bank account to the local bank account provided as soon as possible after you have set up your payment.

Please send us a Proof of Payment once you have made the local EFT transfer.

Once your funds clear into the Exchange4Free account, your transaction will be paid and completed, upon which confirmation will be sent to you as well as Zanzibar Retreats.

When you pay via EFT you have the following advantages:

  • Your payment will incur ZERO SWIFT or Transfer fees
  • There is zero commission
  • Excellent Exchange Rates that beat the bank
  • Pay in your own local currency into a local bank account in your jurisdiction